Professional Organizations that align with our Purpose

National Council of Teaching Mathematics

NCTM is a mathematics education organization in the USA, whose purpose is to give a voice to teachers, allow for everyone to be empowered by mathematics, to advocate and support teachers, to provide guidance and resources in curriculum, instruction, and assessment, to provide professional development opportunities, mathematical research, and promote the use of technology. For specific ideas for incorporating more visual content to add to lessons check out NCTM's Illuminations website.

California Mathematics Council

CMC is a forum for math teachers in California to collaborate. CMC offers publications, resources, and professional development opportunities for teachers.

Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators

AMTE is an organization of mathematics educators interested in the advancement of mathematics instruction in the United States. The organization hosts professional development throughout the year. AMTE has leveraged technology to reach more educators by hosting webinars as well.

Irish Maths Teacher Association

IMTA is an organization of Irish mathematics educators dedicated to the instruction of mathematics at all levels. The organization hosts a yearly conference and other professional development throughout the year. It also hosts math challenges for teachers and students to exhibit their mathematics knowledge. The organization has local chapters by county.