QUINOA.png Welcome to a Special Interest Group about Visualizing Mathematics

“How do we use visualizations - specifically technological visualizations - to help students understand abstract mathematics?”

The aim of the Special Interest Group on Visualizing Mathematcs (SIGVM) is to increase student understanding of mathematics through the use of visual representations, both physical and virtual. We believe our students are more successful in comprehending mathematics when visual representations are used. Through further research, we found this belief to be supported by the academic community. One proven instructional method is to first provide concrete examples, then representations, and finally create connections to abstract concepts (Flores, 2014). As we looked into how those representations could be created, we found research to support that virtual manipulatives are at least as effective as physical ones in learning certain mathematical concepts (Mendiburo and Hasselbring, 2014). This group was created to bring together educators who want to advance the research-supported use of visual representations in mathematics. SIGVM is a platform for teachers to collaborate with other peers about their personal experiences, connections to research, and specific content materials.